Design Blouse Stitching

Design blouse stitching is now a days very much in demand during all the festivals and almost all occasions. Bridal Blouse Designs become the most important part of the Indian wedding functions to wear.

The designs, the patterns, the style and the colour of the blouse is where the beauty of the dress lies. You just need to match the perfect design with the perfect colour and the perfect cloth for a perfect blouse design.

We can see now a days the trend of western wear in the functions are most into the styles. But whenever it comes to choosing between western and Indian wear people usually prefer to go with the Indian attire.


The Modern Indian Blouse

And as the Indian wear justify the look in any of the occasion in the best way.

As all say that the Indian attire gives you the freedom to put on numerous beautiful ornaments over on you which definitely enhances your beauty.

While on western wear you get to wear very limited ornaments which lack in flaunting your beauty over to everyone who really wants to look up to you as divine beauty.

Designer blouses come with different cuts, sizes, shapes and patterns. Some backless designs, some will have their shoulders cold, some with a striped pattern, some with Dori pattern at the back.


Latest Indian Blouse Design

Nowadays Peplum Style Blouse, Kedia Style Blouse, Simple Saree Blouse, Kurti Style Blouse are some of the art into the stitching of the blouses which is used preferably by the people who are keen with the designs.

The pattern will cover your body with a perfect shape which will fit into the blouse perfectly. Design blouse stitching also has many arts and crafts on it which when matches with the pattern and the colour gives a marvellous look to the blouse.

Blouse design also depends on what combinations you are wearing it with. With lehenga you are wearing the blouse then it will go with a different pattern and style.

If you are wearing it with some palazzo and odhani then it ought to have a different look. If you are wearing it with Saree it will have a various different pattern to go with.

Sometimes the designer blouse is very simple and plain. With a plane colour and plane pattern on it. With no specific design just, a simple round cut with short sleeves.

Sometime you will get a net full sleeve mostly when the designer blouse is in a combination with a Lehenga. With a wide back and Dori attached to the two ends of the back neck to hold the blouse perfectly in shape with the body.

Designer blouses justify the Indian look in a way that no other attire gives the justice to. From ancient time it is said that Indian wear especially saree is the only dress which gives a woman that beautifully feminine look the world is crazy for. And after all our Indian Culture and dress especially Saree is praised by all the other countries in the world.

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